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Thread: FileUpload Security

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    FileUpload Security

    I'm using a FileUpload control in a website which should only be able to upload images. To that end, I'm checking its MIME type before accepting the upload.

    Does anyone know whether the FileUpload.PostedFile.ContentType property comes from the file itself or the request? The latter is insecure, since the request can be spoofed. If that's the case, does anyone know a good way to validate a file securely?

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    Re: FileUpload Security

    Moved to the ASP.Net forum.

    I'm pretty sure that the FileUpload gets the MIME type based only on the file extension.
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    Re: FileUpload Security

    FileUpload.PostedFile.ContentType happens after the upload. Best to perform the validation on the client side, which you can do with a RegexValidator using


    And point the RegexValidator to the FileUpload control.

    Any method you come up with can be fooled - they can change the extension from .exe to .gif and your validator would pass it. If you want a 'foolproof' (almost) way of determining if it's an image or not, let the RegexValidator do most of the filtering for you, but once the file is uploaded, examine its file headers for a magic number matching the extension.

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    Re: FileUpload Security

    First of all glad to see you again crazy frog.
    For easy checking if the uploaded file is a pic i use this one but of course you can correct me if it's not ultimate or "dangerous":
     Dim img As System.Drawing.Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(FileUpload1.PostedFile.InputStream)
     If (img.RawFormat.Guid = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg.Guid) Or (img.RawFormat.Guid = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Gif.Guid) or ....
    Slow as hell.

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