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    Media Library Beta

    Disregard this post, as I have made updates since. Check post #3 for the updated version, plus description.

    Here is my first release of my Media Library.

    Do take note that this is a beta, so there are known issues. There are even probably ones I'm unaware of too. So for anyone giving this a swing, let me know of anything you encounter. I'll be sure to fix it promptly. Beta to me means, this was my "get it to work" phase.

    So having said, this will most likely prompt you an error right away. This is normal (for now). But you must setup the database first. In the project folder there are two, one a mdb(Microsoft Access Database format 2002-2003) file, and the other a sdf(SQL Server CE database) file. This can handle both, you must first define which one.

    So when you first start the application and get past all the initial errors click settings in the bottom right hand corner. From there select either Local, or Server. And input the correct connection string. In the project you can see an example of both (in the main.vb file).

    As instructed when you save, you must restart the application for effects to take place. Then you should be good to go. But this time you will get another error, this is fine and is expected as well. Just ignore it and click the new button at the bottom to begin adding movies, otherwise select series and click new to begin adding new series.

    The input fields for source, front cover and back cover are all drag and drop enabled so you don't have to browse for everything. Just drag the file over to get the path, and same goes for both covers.

    The functionality for this is very limited, as you can see (there is no delete yet). But these are my next steps. My main goal now was to get the GUI up-to-par, as well as the support for both server and local databases. There's little validations so beware what you don't fill out. Again let me know if any errors pop up. But other than that most required fields are covered, such as source paths and what not. In those cases if a file doesn't exist nothing will happen or for the covers a default image is used.

    Other then that you're good to go! Let me know what you think!

    NOTE the button controls take a theme file, so if they appear "blank" then the original path is broken and you must put the proper directory. The property is call ThemeSource and the theme files are located in the Resource directory with all the project folders. Movie Library\Resources\themes. Either way the button will still function, just wont look right.
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