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Thread: Plotting a 2D Array into a chart control as a polynomial, VB 2010

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    Plotting a 2D Array into a chart control as a polynomial, VB 2010

    (VB 2010 Express)
    Hi all,

    So I have a 2D array of data, specifically, one "Cv" value for every 10% increment. I have been able to get the Cv's plotted vs % open with the following method:

        Private Sub btnPlot_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnPlot.Click
            Dim tempString As String
            Dim tempByte As Byte
            Dim i As Byte = 1
            tempString = listValveSuggestions.SelectedItem
            tempByte = CByte(tempString.Split(", ")(1))
            MsgBox(tempString & vbCrLf & tempByte, , "Plotting")
            Dim dTest As New DataTable
            dTest.Columns.Add("% Open", GetType(Byte))
            dTest.Columns.Add("Cv", GetType(Decimal))
            dTest.Rows.Add(0, 0)
            dTest.Rows.Add(10, CvArray(tempByte, 10))
            dTest.Rows.Add(20, CvArray(tempByte, 9))
            dTest.Rows.Add(30, CvArray(tempByte, 8))
            dTest.Rows.Add(40, CvArray(tempByte, 7))
            dTest.Rows.Add(50, CvArray(tempByte, 6))
            dTest.Rows.Add(60, CvArray(tempByte, 5))
            dTest.Rows.Add(70, CvArray(tempByte, 4))
            dTest.Rows.Add(80, CvArray(tempByte, 3))
            dTest.Rows.Add(90, CvArray(tempByte, 2))
            dTest.Rows.Add(100, CvArray(tempByte, 1))
            With CvVSPercentOpen.ChartAreas(0)
                .AxisX.Minimum = 0
                .AxisX.Maximum = 100
                .AxisY.Minimum = 0
                .AxisY.Maximum = CvArray(tempByte, 1)
                .AxisY.Interval = 10 ' for now
                .AxisX.Title = "% Open"
                .AxisY.Title = "Cv"
            End With
            With CvVSPercentOpen.Series(0)
                .Points.DataBind(dTest.DefaultView, "% Open", "Cv", Nothing)
                .ChartType = DataVisualization.Charting.SeriesChartType.Spline '<--- I'd like to change this, but there is no polynomial option
                .BorderWidth = 2
            End With
    End Sub
    Which produces the attached graph. I need this code to be able to produce a smooth curve of best fit like Excel would.

    Part 2
    I haven't yet looked into this, but if there's any way to also export this graph as an image into an excel spreadsheet, I would also appreciate code related to that. We will be creating several spec sheets as excel workbooks and we will need to be outputting standardized sheets, which is why I'm trying to make this an application instead of directly implementing the code in Excel with VBA.

    Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Plotting a 2D Array into a chart control as a polynomial, VB 2010

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