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Thread: External Keyboard and Mouse for my Dell Inspiron 15R

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    External Keyboard and Mouse for my Dell Inspiron 15R

    Hi all,

    I am planning to buy a brand new wired USB keyboard and mouse for my Dell Inspiron 15R laptop. I had a look at this link on flipkart


    It has good review comments with 3 years warranty

    But i can't understand why they use the term "Desktop" while promoting this in flipkart? Is it like i can't use this for laptop and it can be used only for desktop PC?

    I am not able to understand this, please inform if i can use this in laptop or not.

    Please suggest if you have got some alternative wired USB keyboard/mouse with reasonable price.


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    Re: External Keyboard and Mouse for my Dell Inspiron 15R

    It is designed for use on a desktop (furniture, rather than PC), and should work with anything that supports keyboards/mice with a USB 2 connection - including a laptop.

    Note that in terms of keyboards and mice, I recommend buying them from a shop where you can have a bit of play with them first because the feel makes a big difference (eg: how the keys 'click' when you press them), and as they are relatively low-value items the price difference over internet suppliers is generally ignorable.

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    Re: External Keyboard and Mouse for my Dell Inspiron 15R

    I don't know if you specifically want a wired keyboard and mouse... But for a laptop, it's much better to use wireless. Try those wireless keyboard/mouse with nano unifying receiver made by Logitech. There are many different models. You have to go to a physical store to trythem. Once you found one that you like, note the model number and go home to buy it online (normally cheaper this way). I personally use the MK520 combo here for my desktop.

    For my laptop, I use this mouse. It's amazing, can be use on almost any surface including glass table top:

    I also use this keyboard and mouse for my HTPC:
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