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Thread: several wm questions

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    Question several wm questions

    how can i add a menuitem to my msg editor options menu?

    is it possible to copy the msg body from an open message in the wm message editor, + how?

    how can i send text to sms editor with wm5
    i found a simple looking solution earlier, but i can't remember it. (i found it, it was wm7)
    i've tried the SmsMessage class, but it causes an error in debug (can't load sms.dll).
    i don't want to rewrite the sms editor, i just need a way to send text to the sms editor.

    thanks for any help

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    Re: several wm questions

    if you can't load sms.dll then this suggests it is a PocketPC without a phone - sms.dll comes when a PPC has phone capability

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