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    sending and receiving variable in parameter


    I'm new to javascript, only know the .net environment.
    I would like to use javascript on my pages. I guess i wud need some help to do that.

    File 1 => a.html
    File 2 => b.js
    File 3 => c.html

    So what i want to do is pass a variable from file 1 to file 3 , but it needs to go thru file 2. so File 1 willl send to File 2 then file 2 will send to file 3.

    So this is what i currently have

    File 1:

    HTML Code:
    File 2 - (so i belive this code will save the sent value to var delayy?)

    function getdelay(ms2) {
        delayy = ms2;
    But then i'm not sure how to send that value from File 2 to File 3.

    I will really appreciate it if you can redirect me to the right direction.

    Thank You

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    Re: sending and receiving variable in parameter

    HTML is stateless. You cannot pass variables directly. what you are describing requires that you use some sort of server sided scripting (like ASP.net, PHP, etc).
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    Re: sending and receiving variable in parameter

    While correct that HTML is stateless, you could accomplish what has been asked for with Javascript either by appending and reading query string variables, or by using cookies. It's better to use server-side scripting as it's more reliable and useful.

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    Re: sending and receiving variable in parameter

    You could also use the new HTML5 Web Storage if you don't have a requirement to support "old" browsers (IE < 8).

    If you wanted to go with storing in query strings, you could use jQuery BBQ to help with parsing query string values, although that does introduce a dependency on jQuery (if you're not already using it).
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