before this post i post a question how to click the append p into li

now i'm asking how to click the a into li > p

this is my code and when i click the info or picture i get double alert message one for the p click and the second one for the a click so i want to have one alert for p and one for a thsi is my JQ :

                            var dv = $('<a style="display:none;"></span>')
                                        .text(' Pictures ')
                            var dv2 = $('<a style="display:none;"></a>')
                                        .text(' Info ')

                                var p = $('<p></p>', {href:"#",name: post.w_id, id: post.w_id})


                            $('li p').live('click', function() {
                                            alert($(this).attr('id')+' p');
                            $('li p a').live('click', function() {
                                            alert($(this).attr('id')+' a');

and this is my html

   <ul id="ul_x">
	<li id="li_x">