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Thread: convert data in one WB to another WB

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    convert data in one WB to another WB


    I am a junior VBA programmer, I am stuck on this case, could somebody help me out?

    WB1 has 3 worksheet, every sheet has a range of data in GBP. I need to multiply the data in WB1 by certain rate to another currency (USD) and save in WB2 3 worksheet. I need to write macro in WB2. WB2 and WB1 is same format, except different currency rate.
    WB1 could be different name and path. Everytime after I run macro in WB2, the macro asks me open WB1, use the exchange rate in WB2 cell (C2)(exchange rate is variable everymonth, I have to type number before run macro ) to convert all the data in WB1 and saved in WB2.

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: convert data in one WB to another WB

    You probably don't need a macro. Just put formulas in WB3 that reference WB1. Everytime you open WB3 it will ask you if you want to update the links. If you say no, the values in WB3 remain the same. If you say yes, excel will link to WB1 and calculate it's values based on what is in WB1. The only thing you have to be mindful of is that WB1 must always be the same name and in the same folder as when you created the formulas.

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