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Thread: British Airways or Virgin Atlantic

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    British Airways or Virgin Atlantic

    Which do you prefer?
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    Re: British Airways or Virgin Atlantic

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    Re: British Airways or Virgin Atlantic

    I've flown from Johannesburg to London with Virgin Atlantic, Flight was fine everyone was friendly and the food was nice. I choose them mainly because they had cheaper flights than anyone else.

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    Re: British Airways or Virgin Atlantic

    Considering the cost, if I could I might join the US military and try to get on a space-available flight.
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    Re: British Airways or Virgin Atlantic

    I used to prefer BA as I flew all over the world with them when I was younger. However, with all the strike problems (staff who are paid more than anyone else in the airline industry and are determined to get even more at everyone else's expense), I'd certainly think twice before using them again. There's just too big a risk that your flight will be cancelled.

    I flew London to Mumbai on Virgin; the flight out was very good, but the flight back was poor. We were kept sitting on the tarmac in Mumbai for about three hours before take-off, but we received virtually no information or updates so we didn't know what was going on. Very poor communication.
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