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Thread: From VB to C#

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    From VB to C#

    how can I add module in C#.net so that i can declare my code just like in VB like these;

    Public Sub ShowAllRecords()
    End Sub
    Public Function GetCustomerName(ByVal CustomerID as Integer) As String
    End Function

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    Re: From VB to C#

    There's no such thing as a module in C#. In C# you just have classes. In VB, a module member behaves like a class member that is Shared and the C# equivalent of Shared is 'static'. In C# you can declare the class itself static as well as the members, which means that the class cannot be instantiated and every member must be static, just like a VB module. In fact, once compiled, VB modules are implemented as static classes, which is why they don't break the OOP model.

    In VB, while modules do not require you to qualify the method, classes do. Classes are the same in C#.

    That said, judging by the names of those methods, they don't belong in a module or static class anyway.
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