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    Gaming Platform Demo (100% JavaScript)

    I wanted to get some people to help test out a game platform:


    The whole purpose was to push the limits of what can be done with just JavaScript. So no Java/Flash is needed or used. I've tested on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    This is just a simple demo game with only one building and a couple resources. There are a few surprises in later levels (not telling), but it's mostly to help test the platform. The final game will have many more buildings and items, and be playable online in an unbounded world.

    Space - Switch mode.
    D - Demolition mode. For demolishing things to make space for farms.
    H - Harvest mode. For harvesting crops or trees by clicking on them.
    F - Farm building mode. To build farms. Click to place a farm.
    M - Move mode. In this mode you can use the left mouse button to drag yourself around the world.
    Middle Mouse Button - Use this to move around, in any mode.
    Arrow Keys - Another way to move around.

    There are 4 levels, plus a bonus one, which you can keep playing as many times as you want.

    What I'm hoping for:

    1) Bugs, glitches, issues, lag, etc...

    2) Someone who can help with graphics.

    3) If someone knows how to build a good terrain generation algorithm.

    4) Ideas for the future of the game.

    5) You to enjoy it.

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    Re: Gaming Platform Demo (100% JavaScript)

    I enter my email and click either "Play" or "Subscribe" but when the page load all there is a white page with nothing on it except for rectangle with a picture of a field in it within a larger rectangle.


    If that rectangle is the field of play I reckon it needs to be bigger so the player can see what is actually happening.
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