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Thread: [RESOLVED] problem with dll use

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] problem with dll use

    I have create a database connection dll successfully, registered the dll and it works well on using it with my vb6 application.

    Now here comes I have to update that dll, overwrite the old dll and register the dll again and use it on my project.

    However, it seems that the application cannot recognize that I have to remove the old dll from the reference and replace with the new dll and recompile it.

    How to solve this problem.

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    Re: problem with dll use

    Sounds like a common problem. I suggest you read some of the many resources on the subject, several located within the VB6 manual you should have read thoroughly. Here are just a few:

    Binary Compatibility

    Visual Basic Binary Compatibility

    Maintaining Binary Compatibility

    How To Use Project and Binary Compatibility

    This is one of those things that separates the pro from the plinker.

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