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    HTML linking with Excel Sheet


    I'm creating one HTML page and it will used by the employee's of our department.

    Here are list of things which are present in the HTML page :

    Request - "Text Box"
    Type of Request - "Text Box"
    Time sarted -"Text Box"
    Time Closed - "Text Box"

    And at the bottom we have submit button.

    When I click on Submit Button the information should go and save in the One Spreasheet row wise.

    so that management can view all the work in that sheet.

    can this be done ?

    if yes let me know how would I do that..

    Pls help me.. this really helful in my job.

    Rohith M

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    Re: HTML linking with Excel Sheet

    yes, this can be done but this isnt the right place for your question. you'll get more help if you post in the correct forum. try vb.net or asp.net. This is multi step process. first, create a database. next, create a web page with the correct forms. then, in your application, make a connection to that database. then, insert the records into the table. Like I said, try to post in the right forum and be specific about which step you are having a hard time with
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