I am attempting to fix this error on behalf of a colleague, who has developed his own software in VB6.0 SP6. He uses a very old XP SP1 machine (I kid you not) for his development, but now needs to upgrade to a more modern machine.

I've installed VB6.0 SP6 (along with Crystal Reports v9 which he also uses) on two different machines, both XP SP3, both have the same error described in the topic title upon compiling and running the program.

Here is the code and where the error occurs:
App.TaskVisible = True
caption = "Main Menu" + Currvers
' Create Field Desription database
DB1.DatabaseName = App.Path + "\Reports\Reports.mdb"
Do While DB1.Recordset.EOF = False
'DB1.Refresh' is when the error occurs, according to debug.

One of the machines has had Access 2002 and 2003 on it, the other has never had Access on it.

Now, my own knowledge of VB in general is extremely limited to say the least, but I've tried every possible fix I can find through Googling and in four days I've gotten nowhere. I really need this issue fixed as it's holding up my other work, so I'm willing to try anything anyone can suggest.