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    Blank space at the end of menu item


    1. Does any one know why there is a blank at the end of menuItem?
    How to make full use of menu item's space?
    Change Grid.Width doesn't help.

    2. When click non-buttons area of first menu item (like rectangle area), how to avoid context menu disappear?

    Attached a picture and code.

    <ContextMenu x:Key="RightClickMenu" >
                 <Grid Width="200">
                    <Label Grid.Column="0" Width="30" Content="ID"/>
                    <ComboBox Grid.Column="1" Width="60" x:Name="cbID" Loaded="OnIDComboboxLoaded" />
                    <Button Grid.Column="2" Width="60" x:Name="btnChangeID" Content="Change" Click="OnChangeIDButtonID_Click"/>
                    <Button Grid.Column="3" Width="60" x:Name="btnClearID" Content="Clear ID"/>
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