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Thread: help - beginner

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    help - beginner

    Hi I've been rattling by brains trying to work out how either write an excel formula or to find VB code for the following (It may be very easy and I am probably missing something very basic so apologies in advance.) -

    in excel I have box K9 which holds a sales target percentage. in box K26 I would like to show how much commission I currently have based on my current % towards my target. This needs to change each time the % changes.

    for 100% I would earn 500.

    I have a complete mind block and can only think of creating an extremely long IF formula in Excel so wondered if a VB code would be easier?

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Re: help - beginner

    Stepping away from excel, if you called your target X, your current Y and your commission Z, could you express Z as an algabraic formula in terms of X & Y on a piece of paper? If so then it should be just as easy to write the formula into excel. If not (because it's a stepped function, for example) then, one way or another you'll have to look up against some sort of enumeration.

    There are ways of handling enumerations in excel (you basically put them in an area of the spreadsheet and then you can reference them from elsewhere) and in VB. The excel way is a little trickier than VB but, since it's going to save you the hassle of installing VB add-ons, macros etc, I think I'd still stick with excel if it was me.
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    Re: help - beginner

    in cell k26 type : =k9*5

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