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Thread: [RESOLVED] Can't get Process.Start to work on IIS7/Server 2008 (oops it's SBS 2011!)

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Can't get Process.Start to work on IIS7/Server 2008 (oops it's SBS 2011!)

    [edit]actually it's SBS 2011[/edit]

    I cannot get PROCESS.START to work on a Server 2008 box - tried all kinds of credential settings - getting no where.

    I recently added the un/pw stuff - if I put a bad username it gives me an error - but with a good one nothing happens - the process never starts.

                    Dim strFile As String = "Report_" & rptid & ".bat"
                    Dim strBatFile As String = Path.Combine(strReportFolder, strFile)
                    Using fileWrtr = New StreamWriter(strBatFile, False)
                        fileWrtr.WriteLine("CD /D " & strReportFolder)
                        fileWrtr.WriteLine("set path=" & strReportFolder)
                        'fileWrtr.WriteLine("amc rpt/printers")
                    End Using
                    Dim psusername As String = "xxxxx"
                    Dim pspassword As SecureString = ConvertToSecureString("passwordxxxx")
                    Dim psdomain As String = "somedomain"
                    If blnSubmit Then
                            Process.Start(strBatFile, psusername, pspassword, psdomain)
                            .NewObject("rptid", rptid)
                            .NewObject("queued", IIf(blnSubmit, "N", "Y").ToString)
                        Catch ex As Win32Exception
                            .NewObject("%%dalerror%%", ex.Message)
                        Catch ex As Exception
                            .NewObject("%%dalerror%%", ex.Message)
                        End Try
                    End If
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