Hi i hope this is the right place to post this

In my master thesis i am trying to fetch some data from a simulated model made in an program named PIPESIM.
"PIPESIM has been designed with "Openness" in mind. Therefore key modules can be "driven" from 3rd party applications, for example, Microsoft Excel, VB, C++, and so on."
I am using VBScript because i am using a runner to change arguments of the script. (Running with many different innputs/files

one of the calls/commands i make is .GetNameList ()

The error i get is:
Line: 81 Column: 1
Error: Type mismatch: 'netModel.GetNameList'
Code: 800A000D
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
System: The data is invalid.

From the documentation of Pipesim:
GetNameList (ObjectType As Long, pNameArray, Count As Long)

Returns in pNameArray an array of String with the names of objects of the given type (ObjectType). The number of objects found is returned in Count.
ObjectType can be any of:
1 - Folder
2 - Source
3 - Sink
4 - Junction
5 - Branch
6 - Text Object
7 - Production Well
8 Injection Well
Here is my code:
' **** "Generic" Task's ******************************************'
' Check And invoke working directory (Disable when not code testing)
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
	WScript.Echo (WshShell.CurrentDirectory)
	WshShell.CurrentDirectory = "C:\VBA Test Enviorment"
	WScript.Echo (WshShell.CurrentDirectory)
	path = WshShell.CurrentDirectory
' Check and show for arguments
args = WScript.Arguments.Count
' Check 
If args < 1 then
  WScript.Echo "usage: Example1.vbs user_data_file pipesim_inp_file user_ressults_file"
end If
'Show  (Disable when not code testing)
WScript.Echo "You entered " & args & " Arguments, the first was "_
 & chr(34) & WScript.Arguments.Item(0) & Chr(34)
' Decleare Filesystem Object 
Dim fso
Set fso = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject") 
' Decleare model name and check for existance
datFile = WScript.Arguments.Item(0)
If fso.FileExists(datFile) Then
	modelBase = fso.GetBaseName(datFile)
	modelInput = modelBase & ".bpn"
	modelResult = modelBase & ".pns"
	WScript.Echo modelInput
End If
' ****************************************************************'

' **** Read Pump speed and stages from all wells******************'
WScript.Echo "1"
' Declare Network Model Object
Set netModel = CreateObject("NET32COM.INETMODEL")
WScript.Echo "2"
' Tell that pipesim model is opening (disable when running Pipe-It)
WScript.Echo "Loading Pipesim model : " & modelInput & ". This might take some time..."
  WScript.Echo "PIPESIM messeges follow:"
  WScript.Echo ""
  WScript.Echo "************************"

' Load model into Object

  WScript.Echo "Starting run of Pipesim model " & modelInput
  netModel.RunNetwork2 false, "-B"
  bRunning = netModel.GetIsModelRunning
  Do While bRunning
      bRunning = netModel.GetIsModelRunning
  WScript.Echo "************************"
  WScript.Echo ""
  WScript.Echo "Finished running Pipesim model " & modelInput


 'Get name and count of producing wells
Dim count 
Dim objname 
Dim intobjname 

count = 1

netModel.OpenModel modelInput

netModel.GetNameList 7, objname, count

For indx = 1 To count
	WScript.Echo objname(indx-1)
Any idea of what makes it fail at netModel.GetNameList ?