Usually when debugging a project where data might need to be inspect a developer might place a breakpoint on a line of code after loading data into a DataSet. When hovering over the DataSet variable there is a plus sign which when clicked displays properties for the DataSet but does not show our data.

Instead of clicking on the plus sign there is a magnifier icon with a down arrow, select the down arrow and one option is DataSet Visualizer which will display the data currently in the DataSet object. This can be extremely helpful in determining problems with data which is not being displayed in the user interface.

One step up from this is a freeware Visualizer which can be downloaded, copied to a specific folder and then used no different than the standard DataSet Visualizer but with the option to filter and sort data.

This Visualizer is called Righthand Dataset Debugger Visualizer (free) at MSDN.

Clicking the Get Now button takes you to the developer site. Find the proper VS version, download and place into the folder specified.

MSDN Reference: Description of a Visualizer