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Thread: [RESOLVED] insert a text file into a webpage

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] insert a text file into a webpage

    Good day
    I have over 30 newspaper clips I need to insert into a website. How do I insert this clips into a webpage' I have the following tools, scanner, and a photoshop element to work with. do i save the file as GIf or what format should I use?
    thank you

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    Re: insert a text file into a webpage

    Well, you could save the files as an images and put the images on your website. You should use whatever format produces the smallest file. Another option would be to scann the articles then use OCR software to copy the text from the articles and place the text on the pages of the website. If you know php you could have it so the text is stored in a database and the contents of the text is read from the database then displayed on the site.
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    Re: insert a text file into a webpage

    In the online version of a local newspaper in here, they displays the content as Flash. I think the reason is, it would provide the readers a good quality content even at low speed internet connections.

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