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Thread: datepicker event

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    datepicker event

    The event I'm currently using for my datetimepicker dtp is the "value changed" event.

    However this does not fire when the user selects the same date again.

    Is there an event which also catching the above case.

    Also what are the manipulation events referring to?

    And I assume these events are the same in c# WPF as they are part of visual studio and not of the language.

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    Re: datetimepicker event

    See if the CloseUp event could be of any help.
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    Re: datetimepicker event

    Thank you, "Calender closed" is a bit closer to what I'm looking for.

    I added if dtp.selected != null to negate some errors when the user first opens and closes without picking a date.

    However this event still fires when the calender closes from the user clicking outside.

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    Re: datetimepicker event

    Um, do you actually mean a WPF DatePicker, rather than a Windows Forms DateTimePicker? If so then you have used the wrong name in your post and also you'd be better off posting in the WPF forum. You can use the Report Post icon to send a message to the mods to move this thread.
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    Re: datepicker event

    Thread moved and renamed
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    Re: datepicker event

    There is no event, 'cause nothing happend
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