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Thread: VB Program fails to run on specific machine?

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    VB Program fails to run on specific machine?

    Ok... Frustration has officially set in. This is my first post here, and to be very honest, I'll admit that I'm a newbie VB programmer as well. I guess that's why I'm posting here, in hopes you super-porgrammer types might be able to help.

    I've written a smallish VB program with 2010 express... the code uses some text files to gather various lists of numbers ( as part of a manufacturing Bill of Material ) that assiciate to PDF files of the same name. The intent was simply to view and print the gathered existing PDF files.

    I have the program mostly working the way I want ( at home ), but when I bring it to work, it fails to open.

    My home PC is a 32Bit Windows Vista Machine with Adobe 10.1 viewer installed.
    My Work PC is a 64 Bit Windows 7 Machine also with Adobe 10.1.

    I've sent the .sln and code to a buddy who is also running a 64bit Win 7 machine very similar to what I have... he is able to run the program. I've sent the same thing to my work pc and tried to run it. I get some crazy HRESULT error I can't make heads or tails out of... remember I'm a newbie.

    I will happily post code if you guys are interested, but I believe that it isn't code related. What kind of things MIGHT i try to look for on my work pc that would cause this simple program Not to function? I've brought other programs I've written to work without problem. But this one has me stumped.

    Other things I've tried:
    1) uninstall and re-install Adobe... ( no change )
    2) written a super small adobe viewer program at work... ( works )
    3) tried to comple as "any CPU", "x86", and "x64"... ( does not work )
    4) bring .sln & code files to compile and run at work... ( does not work, HRESULT err )

    Open to suggestions?

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    Re: VB Program fails to run on specific machine?

    Whats the HResult error ?

    Also this seems to be missing:-
    5) Re-installed the .Net framework on work computer....did you try this ? Would be my first guess.

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    Re: VB Program fails to run on specific machine?

    I think, this outa fix it.
    try installing .net framework 4.0 on your work pc.

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    Re: VB Program fails to run on specific machine? * RESOLVED *

    OK, Yesterday I was able to solve this...

    It appears that there are TWO Places to set the compile Configurations, maybe someone can explain the difference.

    In the Properties Tab there is a Compile Tab and a place you can set the Platform...


    Then in the Build Area There is another place to set the Active Solution Platform...

    Changing the platform to x86 under Properties did NOT fix this, but under BUILD Did. I understand that Adobe is 32bit and I should tell VB that the .COMs are 32bit, but I would have thought that setting them under the properties would have solved it. Why have two places to set the same things?

    Thanks to ALL for your help.

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    Re: VB Program fails to run on specific machine?

    because the one under properties says "OK, when built using this setting (x86, 64-bit, etc) use these options." .. they are just that - configuration properties... You cna have different ones besides just the ones listed too I think... But it's under the Build options that says, "Ok, load this set of configuration items and use them" ... one is like setting a station pre-set on your radio... the other one actually uses it. Does that make sense? Snagged me a few times too.

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