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    Create an Image Array at Runtime...

    I used to struggle with copying and pasting and aligning controls to make multiple rows and columns of images on forms for graphical catalogs and collections etc. Then I learned how to create the controls at runtime easily with just a few lines of code. This code will create a 5 X 4 array of image controls, but you can easily change it for any controls you want in rows and columns.

    ' Set the forms scalemode to Pixel. Then place an Image control with
    ' the attributes you choose on the form and name it "Pic" and give
    ' it an Index of 0. You can make it invisible or hide it off the
    ' edge of the form. (My control had a height of 100 & width of 80)
    Private Sub Form_Load()
    'This will create an 5 X 4 array of image controls
    Dim I As Long 'Index
    Dim T As Long 'Top
    Dim L As Long 'Left
    T = 25 'Set starting Top position
    I = 1 'Set starting Index number
    For r = 1 To 4 'Set number of Rows
        L = 25 'Set starting Left position
        For c = 1 To 5 'Set number of Columns
            Load Pic(I) 'Load new image named Pic and assign Index number
            With Pic(I) 'Set where next image will be created and make it visible
            .Visible = True
            .BorderStyle = 1
            .Top = T
            .Left = L
            End With
            L = L + 100 'Set next Left position (100 = width + padding)
            I = I + 1 'Increment Index number by 1
        T = T + 120 'Set next Top position (120 = height + padding)
    End Sub
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