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Thread: Translating from vb6 to C++ 2008

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    Exclamation Translating from vb6 to C++ 2008

    I have a login form made with VB6 and wont to use C++ 2008 , can someone translate this code for it please ..

    Login Code:
    1. Private Sub Command1_Click()
    2. Dim oHTTP As WinHttp.WinHttpRequest
    3. Set oHTTP = New WinHttp.WinHttpRequest
    4.     oHTTP.Open "GET", "" & txtUser & "&password=" & txtPass & "&hwid=" & Text1.Text & "&author=" & Text2.Text, False
    5.     oHTTP.Send
    7.     If InStr(oHTTP.ResponseText, "ACCEPTED") Then
    8.              Unload Me
    9.              Form2.Show
    10.         Else
    11.                 MsgBox ("Login Unsucessful! Invalid User Info")
    13. End If
    14. End Sub


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    Re: Translating from vb6 to C++ 2008

    Perhaps you should ask the folks in the C++ forum

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    Re: Translating from vb6 to C++ 2008

    Thread moved from the 'VB6' forum to the 'C/C++' forum

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    Re: Translating from vb6 to C++ 2008

    Do you have anything written in C++ at the moment? The reason I ask is that the code you posted feels a bit taken out of its context.
    Why are you looking to convert that piece of code to C++?
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