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Thread: [RESOLVED] MAPISession.SignOn Not Setting SessionID Win 7

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] MAPISession.SignOn Not Setting SessionID Win 7

    So I have some MAPI code that work Just the way I want it to on XP and dosn't work at all on Windows 7. ( I wish I could find the time to just port the whole thing over to .net but I don't)
    EDIT For any one from the future reading this is the wrong way to go about sending to the desktop client. See post #15. Use Edanmo's code plus my tweak.
    ' DFIMAPISession is a MAPISession on the form (MSMAPI32.oxc)
    'DFIMAPIMessages is a MAPIMessage on the form.
    'I develop on a Win 7 No Sp1
    Private Sub Command3_Click()
            Let DFIMAPISession.DownLoadMail = False
            'Sign on Session
            If (DFIMAPISession.SessionID = 0) Then
                Call DFIMAPISession.SignOn 'Runs fine
            End If
            With DFIMAPIMessages
                .SessionID = DFIMAPISession.SessionID 'Runst fine but SessionID = 0
                .Compose' Throws Mapi failure: Valid session id does not exist '32053'
                .AddressResolveUI = False
                .MsgSubject = "This is a subject."
                .MsgNoteText = "This is a body."
                .RecipIndex = 0
                .RecipType = 1
                .RecipAddress = "smtp:"
                .RecipDisplayName = "smtp:"
                .Send True
            End With
    End Sub
    I've Also Tried this but it seems geared toward just outlook and still doesn't work at all on win 7.

    What I'm trying to accomplish is an emulation of right Click Sendto > Mail Recipient but from my VB6 application. I currently am using a light CDO send mail form but more and more customers are asking that my program output be sent to their mail client.

    I've also looked at


    Thank you
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