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Thread: Play sound in DataTrigger

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    Play sound in DataTrigger


    I work in VS2010 - and I am a beginner in WPF, in our WPF project we have a sort of a timer that retrieve data from a server every 1 second, according to that data we change the GUI (i.e. changing a button background color to blue), this is done in <DataTrigger>

    my assignment was to add a sound (play a .wav file) repeatedly as long as the a specific value is set (same condition for the background of the button to be painted in color blue)

    I have added the following code :

            <SoundPlayerAction Source="C:/PlayBeep.wav" />
    problem is, this is only done once , I tried to find how to make it repeat but could not find that, can anyone help ?


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    Re: Play sound in DataTrigger

    You could post some more code, that might help
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