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Thread: Burn applet to cd

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    Burn applet to cd


    I've made a java applet game as my final project at school, and to make it look a bit better i wanted to burn it onto a cd and put it in a game box. I have no experience with burning cd's. So how should i do this?

    I want to be like that when i put the cd in the disc drive and it plays that it automatically runs the applet. Is this possible?


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    Re: Burn applet to cd

    I'm not sure what you're asking makes sense. An applet is a java program that runs within a browser, meant for execution when the browser visits a particular web page. You could create the web page that references a (local) applet, I suppose, and gen up an autorun that caused the CD to 'execute' an HTML file when the disk was put into the drive -- does that sound like what you're after?

    It's just odd that someone writes a Java program specifically meant for a web browser and then wants to distribute it on plastic. It would make more sense from several standpoints if you created a web page with your game and put the applet on that.

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