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Thread: need some pointers

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    need some pointers

    ok I have done some API projects in the past for work.. but this is the first
    ActiveX one I have done and I'm perplexed on how this is behaving..

    Normally I can just add in there reference to my project and when their application is up I can just control it.. but this one doesnt seem to work
    that way..

    so to start I installed their client on my PC.. I found the new install references in the project references and added it in.. I instantiate the object
    and I can see all the methods etc.. so I'm like ok this will be easy... so their API overview says the first thing you need to do is call the initialize method.. so ok I do that.. it works... but then what happens is their login screen shows up in my application... like behind all my controls.. whats up with that ??

    is it because I added in their object into my project ? should I have not use the com object to do this ? and should I have defined the object at run time and attached to the Active X then ? im kinda new to this Active X stuff..

    any pointers or do I need to clarify anything to get help ??


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    Re: need some pointers

    Well I think the behaviour you are describing is built into the dll, so whether or not you are setting references to it, or initializing it from run time, it would have no affect. Give us more details about this active x you are using

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