Okay, I'm running VS 2010 under Windows 7. We had an application that was working fine and was deployed using ClickOnce. Worked fine. We saved that application in TFS, created a branch in the source control, and started work on customizing the new branch.

To be clear, now we've got two separate projects that have the exact same ClickOnce deployment settings. I would expect them to overwrite each other when installed. What do I need to change in order to get them not to do that?

So far we've changed the deployment location (a different folder on our network), the GUID, the version #'s, and the application title. Whenever we install one, it overwrites the other application... we can only have one of the applications on a machine at a time.

Not acceptable, we need both on our machines for testing. So what do we have to change in the ClickOnce deployment settings to actually have it deploy as two different applications that can both exist on one machine at the same time?