Public Sub GetQuoteInfo(QuoteNum As String)
Dim SrcWBK As Workbook, DestWBK As Workbook
QuoteFile = "C:\AddedTouch\Data\Quotes\2012\" & QuoteNum & ".xlsx"
Set SrcWBK = Workbooks.Open("C:\AddedTouch\Data\Quotes\2012\" & QuoteNum & ".xlsx")

ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Request Form").Range("F12") = SrcWBK.Worksheets("Quote").Range("F36").Value
MsgBox TestText
End Sub
This is my code, I've been looking at several codes on this form and none of them are working. Way I have it set up, is say in F10 on current sheet, I type in a quote number, it takes that number and sends it into this function. The files are saved as numbers... ex.. 10.xlsx, 11.xls.
I wanna be able to type in a quote number in F11, and it puts a value from that file and put it in F12 from current workbook.

Any ideas?