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    preventing stored passwords in IE

    I wrote a web app in classic ASP for my wife's office,and different usernames have different permissions in the system.
    The problem: everybody at some point has clicked Yes on the MS dialog box "save this password".

    Now anybody can type any username and the password pops up automatically.

    I know I can go into internet options and delete all passwords.

    What can I do to make IE either stop asking to save the passwords, or make it impossible for the passwords to be stored or at least not auto-filled?
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    Re: preventing stored passwords in IE

    write a short javascript on submit to copy the password to a hidden label, and change the password textbox to "" (empty string) before submit. This way your hidden label will have your password, and the textbox will be empty. On the server side, just change your code to read from the hidden label instead of the textbox.

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