I have big problems with the soft keyboard. I have added the input panel control and struggling to make it work like modern iphone, phone 7 etc. But I have prooblems to do so. Here are my issues, hopefully someone can help me out here:

1) The ugly keyboard button appears as an ugly square in the bottom using up valuable desktop space. I want it GONE and only show the keyboard when the user focus on a textbox.

2) Because of the UGLY BUTTON described in #1, the keyboard is displayed not docked to the bottom screen. I have tried lots of various "hacks" to get rid of the button, but with failure, so my last chance is the move the keyboard to the bottom myself, hopefully it will cover the UGLY BUTTON. But the kernel calls I have used doesn't work. I try to get a rectangle for the keyboard window, and reposition it, but nothing happens when I do so. Does anyone have some good code that can accomplish this?

I tried teh method that is described here:


But the SIPGetInfo method returns nothing... like it can't find it...
kind regards