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    Best choice for data output

    Hello, I'm new here, so forgive me if this is not worded properly or I seem really stupid.

    I recently created a checkbook organizer in my VB.net class. I used a datagridview to output the transactions (input by user) into a datatable that was bound to the dgv.

    Now, i have to make a new program using ASP.net. I don't see the dgv option, so I'm looking for the best idea of how to output my results? I need something like a table that shows the following headers:

    Transaction Type | Transaction Date | ID# | Amount | Description

    After the headers are in place, i'll need to insert rows based on each transaction. Is there "best" option for what toolbox function to work with? I don't need the code, but a general tip would be a good starting point. Sample code won't hurt, but I just want to do it right and do it myself.

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    Re: Best choice for data output

    There is a gridview control that is the closest of the DGV control.
    Remember asp.net is different in many aspects.You have to reload your data or keep it safe because this is a stateless world.
    Slow as hell.

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    Re: Best choice for data output


    As sap has said, the best approach for showing the Data would be the ASP.Net GridView:


    It is one of the most flexible ASP.Net Server Controls out there. In terms of adding new rows, the standard way to do it would be to use an ASP.Net FormView in conjunction with the GridView:


    However, you will find a number of samples to modifying the GridView to directly add rows, however, this is more work:


    Hope that helps!


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