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    Post Password recovery - use someone forgot their password.

    Anyone know a method of unlocking a protected workbook?

    I know there are apps you can download to do this but would like a macro solution for Office 10.

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    Re: Password recovery - use someone forgot their password.

    i would not be surprised if password security has been improved in Of2010
    i am sure that passwords keep the owner out far more often than an intruder
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    Re: Password recovery - use someone forgot their password.

    True, westconn1.

    Workbook passwords (to open) encrypt the file contents. I'm sure you could code the macro to brute force the encryption, but you would have to replicate the same things those unlockers did. Removing the password for worksheet protection is much easier. I remember when office still had the script editor you could open it and search for "password" and change the hash to 00000000 and that would remove the password. Today you would probably have to save it as html or xml.

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