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Thread: Inno Setup: use exact folder selected

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    Inno Setup: use exact folder selected

    I am requiring that the user selects the destination folder, however after selection the path adds a subfolder. How do I have INNO script not put a subfolder.

    basically I want to use the exact folder that is being selected. This deployment is rather an updater so the folder will always be existing.


    user selects: 'C:\websites\name'
    Destination ends up as: 'C:\websites\name\New Folder'

    I want: 'C:\websites\name'

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    Re: Inno Setup: use exact folder selected

    Sorry, a bit late, but here's your answer: You can't.

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    Re: Inno Setup: use exact folder selected

    Hello Sir,

    Sorry for the late but just ran into the same trouble than you and found the following flag:


    Just tested it and it saved my life!

    Have a nice day!

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