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Thread: [RESOLVED] 10 minutes of your time - a simple "egg timer"

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] 10 minutes of your time - a simple "egg timer"

    Hello all. It's been a while (longer than I thought.) I bought a new PC, but since I haven't used any languages in so long, I just don't care to reinstall for such a simple project. So, I am here to beg!

    I request a simple countdown (egg) timer. You enter a length of time (hh:mm:ss), press start, and it counts down the seconds until it reaches 0. I am hoping for a small design, simplistic like Win7 Gadgets.

    - Must run on Win7 Pro.
    - Programming language choice does not matter.
    - Please compile; source code not required.
    - No taskbar item if possible. If an icon is "required" by rules, a notification icon is fine ro keep from taking up space.
    - No "alarm" needed; form color change at end of time (then back once new time is running) if you feel the urge to have some sort of indicator.
    - Will run on 1024x768, so frame size does not need to be very large.
    - Close button; no minimize button (unless to notification per above); suitably-sized topbar for such a small window.
    - "Start/Stop" button(s); I don't care if one dynamic or two separate Start and Stop buttons are used
    - "Clear" button to reset values back to 0.
    - Ability to set new time once stopped/cleared. (Not forced to count to 0 on it's own before new time can be set.)

    To anyone willing to give this a shot, I thank you.

    (Concept images attached: Left is a single textbox with dynamic (S)tart/(S)top button and (C)lear button; Right is three separate text boxes for H:MM:SS and separated (S)tart, S(t)op, and (C)lear buttons.)
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    Re: 10 minutes of your time - a simple "egg timer"

    Never mind. I did it myself.

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    Re: 10 minutes of your time - a simple "egg timer"

    Quote Originally Posted by VBDrone View Post
    Never mind. I did it myself.
    You learned a language and coded it by yourself. Isn't it ?

    That's a good thing. I appreciate that.

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