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    Use classes inside of other classes

    Hello forumers ! I've got a problem.

    The "exercice":

    1 class called "Person"
    name, last name and age of every person, with their getters and setters.
    1 class called "Codes"
    int code, String rank. Here I will put the codes for every person.
    1 main class called "Simulator"
    Instanciate new persons and show system.out.print messages.

    What I need is to instanciate "Codes" inside of "Person" (Like that: private Codes code and use it in the Simulator. For example:

    private String name = "";
    private int age = 0;
    private String lastname = "";
    private Codes code;

    [... getters ... setters ...]

    private int code = 0;
    public void setCode(int c){
    code = c;

    public int getCode(){
    return code;

    person p1 = new person();
    p1.Codes.code ?????

    System.out.println("Name: "+p1.getName()+" "+p1.getLastName()+" and the age is: "+p1.getAge());
    System.out.println("The code is: "p1.Codes.code?????" );

    Don't really know how to use classes inside another classes that aren't the main class.

    Please help !!

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    Re: Use classes inside of other classes

    You could do Inheritance

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    Re: Use classes inside of other classes

    is it really necessary to use nested classes? another option is to use a package
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    Re: Use classes inside of other classes

    Well, I'll hope you're still watching the thread -- I know it has some age on it.

    Your pseudo-code indicates that a Person object has a variable named 'code'; a standard way to access Code, then, is to include getCode() and setCode(Codes) methods in Person. Since your example is so simple, the result looks a bit odd; you end up with personA.getCode().getCode() to get the specific code for that person; presumably you would also be able to put personA.getCode().getRank() to get the rank for the person.

    All of this looks a little odd, perhaps because I don't know what the Codes class represents. If it only represents one Code, then I recommend dropping the 's' from its name. If the code and the rank always go together, then there are ways of storing just the code in the Person object and looking up the rank when you need it. But whether that's appropriate in your situation depends on things I don't know at this point.

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