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    File Helpers v1.0

    Hi this is a module for Visual Basic 6 that adds functions to dealing with file names and paths. VB.NET and Delphi have nice built in file tools but VB has not really got that many so this is why this module was made. here is a list of current feature I done so far.

    I hope they are useful for you in your projects comments and suggestions welcome.

    • AppPath
    • AppExeName
    • AppFullFilename
    • AddLeadingPathDelimiter
    • AppendBackSlash
    • ChangeFileExt
    • DirectoryExists
    • ExpandFileName
    • ExtractFileName
    • ExtractFileDrive
    • ExtractFilePath
    • ExtractFileTitle
    • ExtractShortPathName
    • ExtractFileExt
    • FileExists
    • FileIsReadOnly
    • FixDirSeparators
    • ForceDirectories
    • GetDirs
    • IsPathDelimiter
    • RemoveLeadingPathDelimiter
    • RemoveBackSlash
    • RemoveFileExt
    • SameFileName
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