Hi. I admit I joined just to get help regarding this issue. I've seen U guys R good and I would like to get some help as I'm confused.

I work helping people with issues (not VB related). I register incidents. I get lots of notifications via email. Messages that are from a particular sender go to one folder, i.e.INCIDENTS. All messages in INCIDENTS contain number "INCxxxxx" either in subject or body of the message. If a message contains word "resolved" it gets marked as RED category (I've set up a rule for that).
I would like to have another rule (which cannot be set up using ordinary outlook built-in wizard) that will mark other messages in INCIDENTS containing same "INCxxxxx" number as msg in RED category to be put in RED category as well.

1. I receive msg from John saying there's a issue # INCxxxxx regarding server problems. INC12345 - server not responding
2. I get msg from John INC12345 is being worked on
3. I get msg from John INC12345 resolved.

Now last message is marked RED since it's resolved. I would like to have previous 2 messages marked as well RED since the problem was solved.

In simple words I don't want to go through all the emails and check which of them can be deleted. I want them RED and deleted (manually).

I just hope I made myself clear. Fingers crossed.

I'm using Outlook 2007
Really hope You can help. Thank you.