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    What does $ mean in Java?

    This may sound dumb, but what does $ mean in Java? I have searched and searched for an answer but can't come up with anything.

    What is the difference between this.myProperty and this.$.myProperty?

    What would be the significance the following line?
    private MyScript$Type(String name) {

    What about in a class name? : MyScript$Type.class

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    Re: What does $ mean in Java?

    I've never seen it before, but this document seems to have some information on it.

    Quote from the article above:

    Names of nested classes are transformed as necessary by the compiler to avoid conflicts with identical names in other scopes. Names are encoded to the virtual machine by taking their source form, qualified with dots, and changing each dot `.' after a class name into a dollar sign `$'. (Mechanical translators are allowed to use dollar signs in Java.)

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