can any one help me!
my problem is that i need to sent a mail after every hour with a same text but the time is different for the next mail..
the following is the sample body that may help you to write the code:

to: hsdhs@gdv.com(it may be more)
cc:dgahdg@hgd.com(it may be more)
subjectlease help!

body of mail

hi sir/madam

dateresent date
time:21:45:10 AM CST (this time must be in decreasing order when i sent the same mail after 1 hrs or more!!)


here may be any text:

my signature of outlook
----------------end of mail-----------
what i want is that after every hour an java applet will gave me popup message as a reminder that its time to send the mail and when i press the send or OK button it past all information in the outlook message send window.but the time in the time field must be in decreasing order for example
1 mail has a time:21:45:10 PM CST
2 mail has a time:20:40:55 PM CST
3 mail has a time:19:32:12 PM CST

so if any one can help then please help!!