We are looking for a talented visionary mcgyver like coder to join our team.

Northpier is a startup development studio with quite some projects in the pipeline. There are two projects that needs immidiate attention and one of these is where we need an elite coder to join in.

You would need to cope with
Visual Basic
Android (Basic how-to, maybe you own an android device already)
What would be a good plus
Good design skills - you know how to make others go woaa-yeah!
Joomla Experience

Where we need you now
We need you to code an android GUI and Json function - This will be done in Basic4Android (we provide the dev tool) RAD tool.
What will i do?
I am currently coding on ecomprinter.com

This sounds interesting - hey but whats in it for me??
You will get a 4% of all projects created under the name of Northpier.
That includes Ecomprinter, Android project, whitelabelmarket, knowledgefactor.
We will explain all projects in time.
We might take on several coders for the 4% agreement to speed up allover development.

Okay, thats good enough for me - so how do i apply?
Just send me a PM and i will take you trough the details, we would need to see some stuff you already have developed and know your timezone aswell.

Lets hear from you! Winners do not hesitate!

Kind regards,
Northpier Development