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Thread: Bubble Sorting Words Alphabetically

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    Bubble Sorting Words Alphabetically

    Hello i have a few names in a list box (string).
    How do i use bubble sorting to sort them in alphabetical order.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Re: Bubble Sorting Words Alphabetically

    Function Sort(ByVal list() as String)
        Dim temp as String
        For x = UBound(list) - 1 to 0 step - 1
            For y = 0 to x - 1
             If list(y) > list(y + 1) then
                temp = list(y) 
                list(y) = list(y + 1)
                list(y + 1) = temp
             End If
    End Function
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    Re: Bubble Sorting Words Alphabetically

    Hi Pradeep. I have a homework assignment too but I'd rather cheat also so can you write my code for me too? Persoanlly, I think it's fine for me to get full marks even though I may have put no effort into the assignment while my classmates who have tried may not. I'm glad that you feel the same.
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    Re: Bubble Sorting Words Alphabetically

    There are also special cases for uniform alphabet usages. There are lots of solutions for this case to collect inside issue based folders to obtain the paradigm.

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