I developed a building bidding system on 8086 PC computers using QB. The system that I developed is very large and can be customized by the customer for their individual requirements.

When the 80286 and later systems came out, most had no parallel ports and the programs would no longer print.

I tried to revise the software and or provide a parallel port printer port but to no avail.

I have received requests to update my system to a compatible system. There are many "NEW" Basic Development Systems available and I am confused as to which is most adaptable.

My QB system consist of many programs that communicate with each other.
The system is quite math intensive.

I want to "re-develop" the system and add many graphical and custom techniques, such as drawings based on custom end user requirements.

Is there a technical person.person that could advise me as to which Basic is most adaptable to these requirements, and what would that person advise.

I had VB5 but by the time I had started migration, MS killed VB5 and I don't intend to have MS repeat their actions.

Thank You,

Terry Morris
WashSoft Inc.