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Thread: QBasic? environ.

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    QBasic? environ.

    hi again
    i remember an old way through out QBasic that we could be able speak with other programs using the the enviroment variables if it is used from the batch file we also can do our work clear...
    Set Date=unknown
    echo %Date%
    but i have a some problem with old environ method saying that out of memory on windows
    is there a way still alive or not to throw back the environ variable
    but perhaps it is not right place to mention about this older data here can fell back again other rooms

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    Re: QBasic? environ.

    the old dos stuff is stil here

    and passing values can also be done by using %1 %2 etc

    when calling a program

    prog %1 %2

    just look at the chortcuts and the filetype dialogus box entries

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    Re: QBasic? environ.

    Hi again
    i have a special recipe today that I have extracted from .old ABC libraries
    but with excuse does not working? what could be the answer to change
    the the enviroments indirectly to the constant.
    Then that could be helpful for
    Arranging the batch files as library treat like an array
    The old code is below waiting
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    Re: QBasic? environ.

    Thread moved.

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