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Thread: HotKeyHandler Class

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    HotKeyHandler Class

    Hi all,
    I created these classes to make the usages of hotkeys a bit easier. I'm not going to post the code but rather upload the whole project because It has a small testing form.
    Few Notes
    1. You cannot register any System.Windows.Forms.Key as a hotkey, so Make sure that you know what you are doing.
    2. This class hasn't been tested for errors so if you find any please post them here.
    3. This Won't work on anything that doesn't have a Message pump. e.g. Console applications
    4. You will notice that in the solution there are two projects. One is just a very simple Winforms app to show how it works, the other is a Class Library(DLL) and you can compile it and use it with other apps without having to copy and paste all the ugly code
    5. There are no comments so ask if anything is unclear
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    HotKeyHandler Class

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