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Thread: <Solved> Forcing an owner draw

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    Resolved <Solved> Forcing an owner draw

    So, some controls(e.g. buttons/labels) dont have a drawmode property. Im looking to create buttons with rounded corners because they just look nicer :P.

    Now, the problem is that even when you have a custom paint event, the button just gets drawn first and the custom paint event will draw on top. Especially with rounded corners, where you see the parts of the default button in the corners.

    Is there a way to only execute the custom paint event / block the default paint?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Forcing an owner draw

    You can create your own usercontrol from scratch (button is probably the easiest one).
    Then you can draw it in any way you like.

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    Re: <Solved> Forcing an owner draw


    Solved it by making a new class inheriting button, and overriding the OnPaint!

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