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Thread: Multiple Monitors - detect and save configuration

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    Multiple Monitors - detect and save configuration

    Hi all,

    New to these forums but have been a lurker for a while. I searched through some "multiple monitors" threads but didn't find anything that fit my current issue, so I figured I'd pose it in a new thread.

    We have users with 4 monitor setups that are very particular about their screen settings. When we have to replace a PC for whatever reason, it is always a hassle getting their screen configurations the way they were prior to the switch. Is it possible to create a small VB app that will scan their current configuration, save a "settings" file, and re-apply the settings on the new PC?

    What I mean by configuration is screen resolution, setting the primary monitor, etc. Theoretically this sounds like it can be done, but I wanted some opinions on it.


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    Re: Multiple Monitors - detect and save configuration

    This should help get you started.
    For Each screen As System.Windows.Forms.Screen In System.Windows.Forms.Screen.AllScreens
        'is primary
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