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Thread: Output of Array

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    Output of Array

    To whom it may concern,

    In my application, the user clicks a single button and the program displays each network adapter description into a message box and then gets all the ip info for the workstation and places it into a text file and opens that text for reading. What I would really like for it to do would be to display all the network adapters into a single messagebox instead of messagebox for every adapter like it is currently doing. Here is the code I have on that button. Let me know if anyone needs more info or has any questions:

    Dim nics As NetworkInterface() = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces()
    If nics Is Nothing OrElse nics.Length < 1 Then
    MessageBox.Show("No network interfaces found.")
    Else : Call Shell("cmd /c ipconfig /all >c:\ipconfig.txt")
    For Each adapter As NetworkInterface In nics
    Exit Sub
    End If

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Output of Array

    vb Code:
    1. Imports System.Net
    2. Imports System.Net.NetworkInformation
    4. Public Class Form1
    7.     Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
    8.         Dim gateway_addresses() As IPAddress = EnumGateWays()
    10.         Dim str As String = ""
    12.         For Each addr As IPAddress In gateway_addresses
    13.             str &= addr.ToString & Environment.NewLine
    14.         Next
    16.         MsgBox(str)
    17.     End Sub
    19.     Private Function EnumGateWays() As IPAddress()
    20.         Dim ret As New List(Of IPAddress)
    21.         Dim adapters() As NetworkInterface = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces
    22.         Dim adapterinfo As IPInterfaceProperties = Nothing
    23.         Dim gateways As GatewayIPAddressInformationCollection = Nothing
    25.         For Each adapter As NetworkInterface In adapters
    26.             adapterinfo = adapter.GetIPProperties
    27.             gateways = adapterinfo.GatewayAddresses
    29.             ret.AddRange((From g As GatewayIPAddressInformation In gateways Select g.Address).ToArray())
    30.         Next
    31.         Return ret.ToArray
    32.     End Function
    33. End Class

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    Re: Output of Array


    Your code works, but it only displays the ip address of one of the nics. What I am wanting idealy is to display the name of all the network adapters into a message box. The ip thing I have worked out and can pull that without issue, but thank you for trying to help me nonetheless.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Output of Array

    Still, what he showed should be enough if the code you showed was working. The key is that you want to append all your strings together in the loop to create one large string, and show that. Concatenating in the NewLine character will make it look a bit nicer, too. Take this part of his code:
    For Each addr As IPAddress In gateway_addresses            
     str &= addr.ToString & Environment.NewLine        
    And merge the concept of that into the loop you already have. He is building a string to display, and so should you.

    By the way, this will be ok for a certain number of nics, but once you get beyond some size, the messagebox will be too ugly to show. You might consider using a form with a listbox on it to display this information rather than a messagebox.
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    Re: Output of Array

    My apologies to you, Cicatrix. You were on point. I guess I just needed it explained a little more. However, once I incorporated your code with what I had it worked like a charm.

    Also, thank you to you as well, Shaggy Hiker.

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