The following code is looking for the phone number of contacts in a database when the column "hoohoo" = 15. However it doesnt keep to this condition, but displays all of the numbers. Am i missing a line that tells it to keep to the condition???

Dim SQL As String = "SELECT *, Phone FROM TblContacts WHERE Hoodoo=15" 
        Dim myOleDbCommand As New OleDb.OleDbCommand(SQL, con)

        Dim count As Int32 = Convert.ToInt32(myOleDbCommand.ExecuteScalar())

        Using myDataReader As OleDb.OleDbDataReader = myOleDbCommand.ExecuteReader()
            If myDataReader.Read() Then
                While myDataReader.Read()
                    ' txtPhone.Text = 
                    numbers.Text += myDataReader.Item("Phone").ToString + vbCrLf
                    notfound = 0

                End While